The Experience

The Experience

AeroSim Experience offers everyone the opportunity to experience a flight as a pilot-in-command on any of our flight simulators, whether you have no experience or are an experienced pilot. We propose different packages to experience a fun and unique activity in Canada, all of which in an ultra-realistic environment and assisted by a qualified flight instructor!

A first experience?

169$ >

Duration of flight: 60min.

A perfect initiation to give aviation enthusiasts a feel for what it’s like to fly an airliner. Take the controls of the B737 or A320 for your first complete flight with an instructor. Get ready to fly the most beautiful approaches in the world! Welcome aboard!

229$ >

Duration of flight: 90min.

Navigate between the airports of your choice and discover new horizons. Will you fly over the French Alps, check out the Sahara or land on a seaside runway? It’s your decision. You are at the controls.

Feel like sharing your flight experience?

219$ >

Duration of flight: 2x 35min.

Share the controls with a friend. Choose an airport each and test your piloting skills. Let’s find out who’s got what it takes to smoothly land a Boeing.

Tandem Getaway
329$ >

Duration of flight: 2x 60min.

Bring a copilot and take the controls together. After each of you complete a flight to the airport of your choice, you can learn about working as a crew by conducting two more flights side by side in the cockpit.

Eager to learn more?

599$ >

Durée total des séances: 9h.

Aerosim Experience offers the SimRating course for those wishing to improve their knowledge on the B737 or A320 flight simulator. But also for pilots and future pilots eager to learn more about how a new generation aircraft work.

Student Pilot Pack
450$ >

Durée total des séances: 5h

Aerosim Experience offers for passionate and young pilots a pack of 5 hours of flight. You can use these hours of flight as you want and when you want. There is no limit for travel between two airports! You will of course be accompanied by your instructor for each flight!

Our simulators

AeroSim Experience offers amazing flight experiences on our professional-grade flight simulators. Our simulators are entirely functional and allow to recreate the majority of scenarios you can expect from a real flight!

Our simulators can be used by students who are attending training in a flight school, to prepare pilots who are preparing for airline interviews as well as for professional pilots who wish to maintain qualifications.


  • Boeing 737-8NG (next generation) and Airbus A320 fixed-base simulators
  • Full-size replica of the cockpit
  • More than 24,000 destinations around the world
  • More than 30 destinations in high definition
  • Fully functional flight deck including functions such as MCP, FMC/CDU, AFDS, GPWS and many more
  • 220º curved projecting screen providing a total immersion and an outstanding ground details projection
  • Instructor station that allows to move the aircraft at a precise point on a SID/STAR or at an airport
  • Real-world weather can be applied to your navigation
  • Access to all navigation charts needed for your flight

Junior Pilots Summer Camp

Discover our Junior Pilots Summer Camp!

Your kid always dreamed of becoming an airline pilot? AeroSim Experience has put in place an amazing experience to make him or her discover the world of aviation! While being fun and entertaining, your kid will discover the world of aviation and aerospace.

Bonus: Introduction to the Virtual Reality with our new products: helicopter flight simulator using motion system and fighter jets simulators.

4 amazing days to learn more about this career that everybody dreams of! This experience mixes theory and hands-on practice to get a better idea of how to become a pilot and what it is like to be a professional pilot. Each camp will count up to 8 participants to learn or re-learn the basics in a very nice and relaxed environment. Your child will be accompanied by flight instructors, all professional pilots.

Camps are open to kids and teens between 12 and 18 years old who want to discover the simulators of Boeing 737NG, helicopter and fighter jets (both in VR).

On the menu (Laval)

From July 26 to 29, 2021

From August 16 to 19, 2021

On the menu (Quebec)

From August 16 to 19, 2021

Details coming soon…

Our Simulators

The week’s activities will take place at Aerosim Experience, the Cosmodôme and Maeva Surf. The simulators used for the hands-on practice sessions are professional flight simulators, helicopter and jet fighters simulators.

The simulators are identical replicas of the real aircrafts and allow to simulate any flights with any conditions: choice of 24,000 airports, possibility to change the weather in the simulator, the time of the flight, and add all types of failures.

Pro Pilots

AeroSim Experience flight simulators are adapted for professional pilots training. Our professional-grade simulators will allow you to practice your procedures and maintain high standards.

Our simulators are also an excellent tool to prepare for airline interviews.

An instructor will be assisting you to guide you through your preparation.

Special rates

  • 2h: 180$ taxes included for 1 person
  • 5h: 400$ taxes included for 1 person