Our missions

Helisim VR introduce you to a diversity of mission onboard a Bell 407 Helicopter in Virtual reality. You’ll have the choice between different missions, from 30 minutes of flight up to 2h of flying.

During your briefing you’ll have the possibility to choose with your flight instructor between the different missions ranging from the basic principles of flying a helicopter to the most advanced scenarios using stationary flight and a frigate landing.

Detailed missions

List of Destinations:

  • Chicago (USA)
  • Las Vegas (USA)
  • Santa Catalina Island (USA)
  • Mont Matterhorn (Alpes suisses)
  • Bella Coola (Canada)
  • Stewart (Canada)
  • San Francisco (USA)

Flyable helicopters:

  • Bell 407
  • Bell 412

List of suggested missions

  • VIP Charter
  • Air Taxi
  • Narcotrafic Surveillance
  • Aerial Highway Patrol
  • Aerial Work (Powerlines Surveillance / Infrastructures)
  • Offshore Operations
  • Naval Operations

Helisim missions are not available at the Quebec location.

See missions available in Montreal