The Fly Fighters experience

Hello Captain!

Have you ever dream of taking control of a fighter jet and experiencing the thrills until then reserved for fighter pilots? You can now do it with FlyFighters VR!

Our center now offers Fly Fighters simulators in Virtual Reality. After the briefing with your instructor you will take place in a cockpit replica and you will be harnessed to the ejection seat, for a mission of the duration of your choice!

Being able to receive two pilots flying simultaneously, our system is able to reproduce the most dangerous missions that the combat pilots are brought to carry out:

  • Air Combat Mission
  • Reconnaissance Flights
  • Close Air Support or Bombing Mission, for the ground attack section
  • Training Missions including: Formation Flight, Aerobatic Aerobatics, Inflight Refueling and Carrier Training, Take-off and Landing Practice

Alone or with friends, fighting each other, or all together against the enemy, prepare your mission with instructors trained in true military procedures and push your limits.

You will discover the true feeling of speed, and you’ll be able to push back your multitasking abilities!

Take off at full speed in the sky like a real fighter pilot. And maybe you’ll be able to reproduce mythical scenes from Hollywood movies, or historic missions and acts of valor in our Virtual Reality simulator!

Will you have the right stuff?

Getting prepped

Before your departure on mission you will join the Flyfighters squadron and will be supported by a pilot instructor who will accompany you throughout your experience. It is with him that you choose your mission! 

First, equip yourself! Your instructor will help you put on your flight gear (Mae Vest, Anti-G Pants and Flight Suit) for maximum immersion!

Then go to the briefing to prepare the mission objectives. Be focused because your technical briefing will include aerodynamics, ballistics and avionics! Prepare your mission at best, in order to emerge victorious!

Install in our simulators: Sit on a replica of the ACES II ejection seat, and harness your parachute, then put on your virtual reality headset.

Fly, and measure yourself to the artificial intelligence of the simulator or that of your friends, for dizzying dogfights!

Note that the VR experience offers sensations of depth and speed unmatched until now, so be prepared! The experience is not recommended for cardiac or sensitive persons.

The Fly Fighters VR experience is for everyone from 14 to 74 years old, and for any occasion!

Come with your friends to try the aerial combat in virtual reality, during a birthday party, or even discover our Team-Building missions or corporate events!

Our Simulators

All our fighter aircraft simulators are modular and allow you to try several types of aircraft: Climb on a CF-18 Hornet, A-10 Thunderbolt, F-15C Eagle, Mirage 2000C or in Russian aircrafts such as the famous Mig-29 and Sukhoi 27 and take up the challenge of vertical flight with the Harrier fighter taking off and landing vertically from a carrier or landing on a Russian carrier with a Sukkhoi SU-33.

Our HOTAS flight controls (Hands On Throttle And Stick) make it possible to reproduce most of the features of these fighter aircraft. The only limit is your imagination.

Will you have the nerves and the stomach strong enough?

Our software simulates theaters of operations in the Middle East, North America and Russia. Choose your Areas of Operations and your missions, our instructors are there to help you, Captain!

After each mission we will proceed to a debriefing, and you will be given your scorecard. The best aces of the squadron will see their photo hanged on the walls of the squadron and their name written on the TOPGUN trophy ! Can you meet the challenge?

Live it for yourself!

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