Aeronautical Therapy

Aeronautical Therapy

Does flying make you nervous or uncomfortable?

Does the idea of taking a plane keep you from taking vacation or travelling for work?

With our aerophobia program, you can fly with peace of mind. AeroSim Experience, in exclusive collaboration with professional pilots offers a desensitization program for those with apprehension or fear of flying.

  • Aeronautical Therapy (Quebec)

    The 2-hour package is a perfect way to find out about aeronautic therapy. This program will allow you to gain confidence for your future flights. You will be accompanied by a professional pilot.
    The 2-hour session to address fear of flying includes a theory portion and a practical portion with the simulator. Once you’ve purchased the package, you will receive the detailed content of the 2-hour therapy along with your email confirmation.

Practical Approach

Take the controls of an airliner for a new way to master your fear of flying.

With the guidance of professional pilots, getting in touch with the object of your anxiety greatly increases your chances of overcoming your fears. You take control of the device, of the situation, and of your emotions!

It’s up to you to decide how you want to experience, in accordance with your level of apprehension. You can do a 2-hour private session or a group course.

Your experience with AeroSim Experience, which provides core theoretical knowledge and realistic trials as passenger and pilot, will give you a definite, meaningful sense of assurance when flying. With this program, you can finally gain a new perception of air travel, as well as the freedom to fly with peace of mind.

Our team is made up of professional pilots.

Clinical Approach

If you suffer from a diagnosed phobia (agoraphobia or claustrophobia), you can work with an psychologist, who will oversee your desensitization to fear of flying along with the our team.