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Take home the memory of a stunning experience. Our multi-camera system can capture the reactions and emotions during the flight.


30 min

Go for a change of scenery with a 30,000 feet flight. Choose from 24,000 destinations and discover the most beautiful airports in the world!

Takeoff and landing practice in different airports in the world.

Junior (ages 13 to 16)

60 min

Initiate your child to the fascinating world of aviation with an unforgettable experience. With the instructor’s guidance, he or she will take the controls of a Boeing and fly it like a real airliner pilot.


60 min

A perfect initiation to give aviation enthusiasts a feel for what it’s like to fly an airliner. Take the controls of the B737 or A320 for your first complete flight with an instructor. Get ready to fly the most beautiful approaches in the world! Welcome aboard!

Takeoff and landing practice in different airports in the world. Enjoy your first trip.


2x35 min

Share the controls with a friend. Choose an airport each and test your piloting skills. Let’s find out who’s got what it takes to smoothly land a Boeing.

Takeoff and landing practice, piloting and navigation techniques


90 min

Navigate between the airports of your choice and discover new horizons. Will you fly over the French Alps, check out the Sahara or land on a seaside runway? It’s your decision. You are at the controls.

Takeoff and landing practice, introduction to check-lists (procedure during take off and landing). Navigation between two airports.


120 min

Are you ready for a challenge? Embark on the complete flight of your choice, in real time from one airport to another. Your instructor will be by your side. Land in Paris on a foggy day or Montreal in the snow. You can even choose to have a mid-flight equipment failure. It’s a great way to see how well you deal with stress.

Takeoff and landing practice, introduction to check-lists, piloting and navigation techniques, failure management methods

Tandem Getaway

2x60 min

Bring a copilot and take the controls together. After each of you complete a flight to the airport of your choice, you can learn about working as a crew by conducting two more flights side by side in the cockpit.

Takeoff and landing practice, crew coordination

Student Pilot Pack

5 h

Aerosim Experience offers for passionate and young pilots a pack of 5 hours of flight.

Want to make a flight to Innsbruck on Tuesday and a landing at St-Martin Wednesday?

You can use these hours of flight as you want and when you want. There is no limit for travel between two airports ! You will of course be accompanied by your instructor for each flight!


9 h

Aerosim Experience offers the SimRating course for those wishing to improve their knowledge on the B737 or A320 flight simulator. But also for pilots and future pilots eager to learn more about how a new generation aircraft work.

Session 1 (2 hours)
Amphicabine and adaptation to EFIS cockpit, CDU, PFD, MCP. First circling around the airport.
Session 2 (1 hour)
Use of different configurations (takeoff, cruise, approach, landing).
Session 3 (2 hours)
Instrumental approcach course (ILS, VOR, NDB). Approach to practice instrument flying.
Session 4 (2 hours)
Practice FMS around an airport. Management of the navigation plan.
Session 5 (2 hours)
Flight from one airport to another "Gate to Gate".

Bring your team higher with our corporate activities

Reward your clients and collaborators with a unique immersive activity. Give your team an unforgettable experience where solidarity is a priority. Effectiveness and teamwork are vital in the world of aviation, where there is no room for error. Any company focused on success can draw inspiration from the professional attitude shown by pilots faced with major responsibility and constant pressure.

AeroSim Experience sits down with you to develop customized activities in line with your objective, be it to improve team spirit, motivate the troops or simply to promote well-being in the company.

Our B737 or A320 simulator becomes a dedicated space for your company, where your team can draw on their various qualities and demonstrate their interpersonal and communication skills.

In this competitive world, your company is constantly facing newer and bigger challenges. Let us help your team to develop a greater sense of belonging, as well as motivation to meet challenges through innovative solutions.

We can also organize a catering service for your team.

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